Although 95% of the time an Arborist (also called “Tree Surgeons”) is not necessary for standard tree services, in the rare event you are required to have a project “signed off” by a CERTIFIED LICENSED PROFESSIONAL, at Geddie Tree Service, LLC, we have a full time Arborist on staff.

geddie tree sericeA CERTIFIED ARBORIST is the top of the line in the tree service industry. Each state sets the requirements to be licensed. In Mississippi, advanced schooling and years of qualified hands-on experience are a pre-requisite to take the TEST, usually in a University setting. On successful completion, a PROFESSIONAL LICENSE is issued.

An ARBORIST deals with the “health and safety of individual plants” and offers a variety of services such as:

  1. An Arborist is required in Hattiesburg, Ms. by several HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS to “sign off” on tree removal.
  2. Disease identification, deep root fertilization, pruning, and planting.
  3. TREE SPRAYING to remove invasive species and mitigate disease to save desirable trees.
  4. Overall landscaping issues.

*NOTE! All tree service estimates preformed by Geddie Tree Service, LLC, are free. HOWEVER, IF SERVICES OF A CERTIFIED ARBORIST ARE REQUIRED, THERE IS A FEE CHARGED BY THE ARBORIST. We will never call in our Arborist without your knowledge and permission. The fee standard in Mississippi is $300-$450.

  Whether you need:

  1. An ARBORIST in Hatiesburg, Ms. For a TREE SPRAYING consultation
  3. Or a LICENSED CERTIFIED ARBORIST in Laurel, Ms. to sign off on TREE REMOVAL,